You should! Getting to know your Aesthetic Medicine Injector is an important part of taking control of the safety of your skin health. The Doctor or Nurse you trust to provide anti-aging treatments should give you confidence in their skills and results you can brag about. Researching your Botox and Dermal Filler provider is important and you should be sure they meet a standard of care that your skin deserves. The utmost important factor in choosing your specialist is their skill level. This becomes greater with talent and experience as injecting is both a science and an art. Reputation and industry recognition should also be considered as this demonstrates that he/she is in good standing with their peers and clients.


Dr. Amanda Maloney is an injection specialist that “checks all the boxes” you expect from a skin care provider and more. Her experience in the field of aesthetic medicine combined with her devoted immersion in Ear, Nose and Throat Specialties make her a true medical professional with a talent for providing gorgeous anti-aging results. With over 17 years of experience and extensive training, it’s no wonder we hail her as our Chief Injection Specialist at Skin Solution Clinic. She truly delivers results that our we and our clients can be proud of!

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Getting the best results from Dermal Filler treatments is not only reliant on the experience of the doctor but also in their ability to assess the unique concerns of their client. Maintaining a natural result while balancing proportion and symmetry is a talent that can not be taught. Challenging cases are her specialty as she truly has the superior skill and techniques to achieve impressive results no matter what the obstacles. Dr. Maloney is a master injector of Radiesse® for volume restoration as well as an expert in the advanced technique of using Hyperdiluted Radiesse® for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and skin lifting.

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Did you know that neuromodulators (Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport®) are one of the most tested and safest injectable substances in the world? That being said, it takes an experienced professional to maintain the safety of this procedure during all aspects of your treatment. These injections have the ability to provide cosmetic benefits such as wrinkle reduction and lifting and also have the capability to treat medical conditions such as hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) and even migraine headaches.

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